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I’m Katie Levitre, author of “The Imperfectionist Mom,” a blog about my imperfect motherhood journey and all of the knowledge I have gained along the way.  On this site you will find honest accounts of mommy experiences, product reviews, tips, tricks and chats with incredible experts in the parenting field.  I am an advocate for self-care and a healthy & clean, but not perfect, lifestyle (margaritas anyone?).  My hope is that you will find something in each post that you can either relate to, learn from, or use in your own day-to-day!


Get to know me:

I am a wife and mother of one daughter, Lily, and two French Bulldogs, Titan and Olive.  I am a 27-year-old native of Buffalo, NY.  I graduated top of my class in journalism from Buffalo State and was working in television before I left New York.  My husband, Andy, plays in the NFL and his career has brought us all over the country.  Andy and I met in Buffalo when he was playing for the Bills and I was a cheerleader for the team.  Years later we started dating and moved to Nashville, TN (my favorite city) and then to Atlanta, GA.   We currently spend most of the year in Atlanta and his off-season in Santa Cruz, CA, where Andy is from.   Once Andy retires from football we plan on spending most of our time in California and vacationing at our home in Nashville

When I’m not chasing after Lily, yelling at a dog or using my breast pump, I’m probably drinking wine, listening to classic rock, feeding my handbag addiction or working on my mom bod.  Andy and I love trying new restaurants and traveling, though we do both less often since adding two high maintenance pups and a baby to the family.

The last 7 years have been full of life changes for me.  At 20 I met my husband, at 21 I moved to Nashville & California with him and got a dog, at 22 we got engaged and got another dog, at 23 we bought a home, at 24 we got married, bought another home and moved to Atlanta, at 25 I got pregnant and bought and sold a home, at 26 I had a baby and who knows what’s still to come during 27.

Our lives have been anything but boring since we met and it certainly hasn’t always been easy.   We thought we were totally prepared to have our daughter when I got pregnant.  We couldn’t have been more excited.  Unfortunately, we were definitely not ready for all the challenges we faced after Lily was born.  After months of no sleep and struggling through the most demanding stage of parenthood, I knew I was suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety.

I have always been a perfectionist and parenting proved to be no different.  I gave EVERYTHING I had to Lily and because of that, everything else, including myself, was suffering.  I went 4 straight months never sleeping more than 4 hours and agonizingly listening to Lily cry for up to 6 hours a day.  I realized that the entire family deserved better than I was giving them.  I started taking time to take care of myself mentally and physically.  I started working out, talked regularly with a psychologist and hired a part-time nanny and slowly began getting back in control of my life.

Now that the fog has burned off, I look back and wish I could give myself a hug.   I was chasing a completely unrealistic dream of being a perfect mom and wife.  My postpartum life was incredibly difficult and the more moms I meet, the more I find with similar stories. I’ve spent endless hours researching, testing different products, trying out tips and tricks and talking with moms and professionals about pregnancy, birth, parenting and taking care of yourself and your relationships.  I want to share all of the knowledge, strength, and support I’ve accumulated throughout my journey.

I am here to keep it real with you.   I am not writing this because I think I know everything about being a parent.  I’m writing this to do the best I can to prevent other mothers from feeling like they’re alone when they feel like they’re occasionally drowning in motherhood.   I am going to post as much visually appealing and informative content for you as I can, but please remember I’m probably writing it at home at 2 pm, while Lily naps, in my pajamas with a kitchen full of dirty dishes and a full laundry bin.  This blog may not always look like the other “perfect” mommy bloggers out there but it will be authentic and every post will have my heart and soul attached. I might not know you yet, but I care about you.  We are ALL in this journey together as we raise the next generation of bad-ass kids!

I’m am truly so excited that you’re taking this imperfect journey with me!  Please always feel free to contact me with questions, requests, your own tips and tricks, product information or just to say hello!  Seriously, I LOVE getting advice, I wouldn’t be where I am now without it.  It takes a village & I’m really happy you’re a part of mine.


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