Newborn parenting tips

Pregnancy Diary: 26 Weeks

As of tonight (Sunday) I am 3 months away from my due date with baby number 2!  By the way,…


Meet the Experts: Real Moms Talk About Having A Second Baby

If you’ve been reading my Pregnancy Diaries, you know that getting pregnant so quickly with this baby boy was a…


The Elusive “Mom Squad”: How to Find Your Own

Someone wrote to me on Instagram asking me to talk about how I found a group of mommies to hang…


ACOG Revises Postpartum Care Recommendations

WOW!  This is huge news, mamas!  I have been waiting for more emphasis on the “Fourth Trimester” since I suffered…


What’s in My Diaper Bag

What’s in My Diaper Bag Researching was definitely not my strong suit before I had a baby.  I had Andy make…


Bath Time

Lily’s first bath time was a special moment for me.  It was exciting because it was a moment I had…


The Only Baby Socks You Need

I know what you’re thinking… “There is no way she found a pair of socks that will stay on my…


Our Boobs Are None of Your Business

I was cooking dinner last night and heard a TV host saying something about Khloe Kardashian being shamed over breastfeeding.…


What’s in a Name

  Who is the Imperfectionist Mom? Just to make it clear off the bat, I’m aware “Imperfectionist” is not a…


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