Tips for getting all the nutrition you and your baby need

Pregnancy Diary: 38 Weeks

And just like that, we are in the “any day now” stage of pregnancy.  In case my little man decides to…


Pregnancy Diary: 31 Weeks

Hi again, mommies! Thanks for coming back week after week to follow me along this crazy journey.  These days all the…


Pregnancy Diary: 29 Weeks

WOW.  I’m officially in the 30s now.  That means 10 weeks until my due date.  If these last two months…


Pregnancy Diary: 25 Weeks

I’m now less than 100 days away from the arrival of my little man!  Some days I feel that it…


The Pregnancy Heartburn Cure

While it’s common to have heartburn during pregnancy, I had the misfortune of suffering from acid reflux and heartburn before…


Pregnancy Diary: 18 Weeks

  Cant. Stop. Eating.    Okay, so usually I am a pretty healthy eater.  That’s not to say that I…


Pregnancy Diary: 9 Weeks

Let’s talk about baby bumps this week.   I heard that you start showing much earlier with your second pregnancy, but…


Pregnancy Diary: 8 Weeks

Wanna know how it’s going?  Well, I slept with a garbage bin next to the bed last night.  That’s how…


Pregnancy Diary: 7 Weeks

The fun and games are OVER people.  Pregnancy symptoms including nausea and food aversions are in full force.    Admittedly, I’m…


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