A guide to surviving 9 months of pregnancy

Pregnancy Diary: 13 Weeks

Let’s talk about sex, (of your) ba-by.  Hopefully you caught the reference?  Anyway, let’s do it.   Before I had…


Pregnancy Diary: 12 Weeks

We made it!  Today is OFFICIALLY the last day of the first trimester.  If you read last week’s diary, you’ll…


Pregnancy Diary: 11 Weeks

Well, I wasn’t sure if I actually had a real visible bump or if it was just bloating (because it…


Pregnancy Diary: 9 Weeks

Let’s talk about baby bumps this week.   I heard that you start showing much earlier with your second pregnancy, but…


Pregnancy Diary: 8 Weeks

Wanna know how it’s going?  Well, I slept with a garbage bin next to the bed last night.  That’s how…


Pregnancy Diary: 7 Weeks

The fun and games are OVER people.  Pregnancy symptoms including nausea and food aversions are in full force.    Admittedly, I’m…


Pregnancy Diary: 6 Weeks

So, there’s good news and bad news.  Want the good news first?  Same.   Good News:  We saw a heartbeat!!!! …


Pregnancy Diary: 5 Weeks

You probably guessed this was coming…. Let’s talk about anxiety.   Seriously what is more terrifying than the first 12 weeks…


ACOG Revises Postpartum Care Recommendations

WOW!  This is huge news, mamas!  I have been waiting for more emphasis on the “Fourth Trimester” since I suffered…


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