Pregnancy Diary: 12 Weeks

We made it!  Today is OFFICIALLY the last day of the first trimester.  If you read last week’s diary, you’ll know I thought I was done last week but 12 weeks is only when the risk of miscarriage drop.  The beginning of the 13th week is the end of the first trimester.  Anyway, I am SO relieved.  On Thursday I went to my OBGYN’s office and we did the end-of-first-trimester ultrasound & blood test.  Our sweet little angel was moving and shaking and appears to be perfectly healthy.  I was tearing up in the chair when I saw him/her.  I just felt so incredibly grateful after 12 ½ weeks of being terrified something was going to go wrong, I had this beautiful little being thriving inside of me.  Truly, I can’t be more thankful.  I really mean it when I say I’m relieved, it’s like a weight has been taken off my shoulders knowing that this baby will be sticking around.

This week was even more special because we decided to announce our pregnancy right after we left our OBGYN appointment.  Andy had to leave for training camp right after the appointment and we thought it would be more special to do it together.  It was such a rush, just like last time.  I didn’t know if it would feel a little less special since we’ve already done it, but all our family and friends were so excited.  I wish I could find the right way to explain it to Lily so she could really understand, but I think it will probably take a little while.  I’ll have to find a book that helps toddlers understand (let me know if you know of one!).


When it comes to how I’m feeling pregnancy wise, I’m pleased to say even better than last week when it comes to nausea and food aversions.  I still occasionally have trouble with some foods, mostly fish and vegetables, but most of the time I can get a salad down now.  I’m still craving all of the worst foods for me, of course.  I’m doing the best I can to stay on track as much as possible.  If I feel like I can’t help myself, I try to at least make sure I’m still getting my 6-8 cups of greens in to make up for it.  It doesn’t always happen, but I’m trying!  Working out has been a little more challenging.  I’m out of breath quickly and I’m feeling a lot in my lower abdomen.  I feel a lot of stretching and light cramping, so some workouts need to be modified.  I only worked out 4 days this week, which is down from my usual 6 pre-pregnancy.  I think if I can get back up to 5 days a week I’ll feel a lot better.  At my appointment they said I gained about 3 pounds.  I lost a pound in Lily’s first trimester, so I feel like the early progress is good.  I have to be gaining weight steadily or I run the risk of not being “allowed” to continue breastfeeding, so I guess I’ll just keep eating J  Other than that, I’ve been suffering from some headaches and tiredness but I’ve been able to get some naps in which has helped!


Hoping I’ll be feeling even better next week!  So excited I am finally able to share this with you all.


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