Pregnancy Diary: 27 Weeks

Holy smokes, you guys!! This is the last week of my second trimester.  This pregnancy really has flown by so far but I’ve been down this road before and I know that the third trimester is when everything starts to draaaaag.  I don’t know if it’s the anticipation, the lack of comfort, or (for both of my third trimesters) the winter but I know that those last three months are the longest.  I can’t decide if I’m more excited or nervous for the moment I welcome my baby boy.   What’s really nice is that I’m not in the “get this baby out of me!” phase yet.  I’m enjoying feeling him swirling around in there and I’m not big enough yet to be miserable.  The rough part is it is already getting harder to care for Lily especially when it comes to holding her for long amounts of time or getting her in and out of her crib.  It may not be easy these next three months but millions of other women are in the same position and they can handle it, so that gives me some confidence.  Plus, we don’t know if we’re going to decide to have another child yet or not, so just in case we aren’t I know I need to soak up all of these moments of pregnancy and of course with Lily as an only child.

third trimester

Image by Shelby Gordon

I know this is a common second-baby thing but I have barely done anything to get ready for this baby’s arrival.  The only thing I had done until the last week was get a new bassinet and a couple pieces of clothing.  When we were back in California this week and last week we were looking over all of the construction that’s about to happen to our home and when we started planning the children’s bedrooms it made me snap into reality.  We only have 3 more months until we are parents of TWO.  We started preparing for Lily by the end of the first trimester, we were ordering bed sets, researching diapers and signing up for birthing classes.  While we don’t need all of that this time, we definitely need to get focused!  So, I tried to sit down and make a small list of the really important stuff so I can start cracking away at it before the holidays.  I went to the outlet mall near us in California and loaded up on baby boy clothes, pre-registered at the hospital, set up a tour (since this is a different hospital than last time), signed up for an infant/child CPR class to refresh, and finished putting together a registry.  We don’t plan on having any big parties or baby showers (besides a small dinner with a few of Andy’s teammates) but we thought a registry would be nice for our family & for us to refer to so we know what we still need.  Plus- with Black Friday coming up we can refer to our registry to look for deals!


My favorite registry is Baby List.  You can combine registries, pick items from any website you want, and organize all your items perfectly.  We used it with Lily and it was great for people to have options for shopping and getting different items from different stores.  I’m thinking about doing a blog post about what I’m registering for this time, is that something that you guys would be interested in?   I’m also really interested to hear what other moms are loving these days!  I really like trying out new and different products!



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