What’s in My Diaper Bag

What’s in My Diaper Bag

Researching was definitely not my strong suit before I had a baby.  I had Andy make most of the lists of what we “needed” before Lily was born. He loves comparing products and finding the best deals.  But, because my love for any type of handbag runs deep, I was totally okay with researching diaper bags & what should go inside. I probably looked at 20 different websites and blogs to get a bunch of opinions on what you should pack, then I compiled it all into one solid list.

diaper bag

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Below I’ll show you what’s in my bag and I’ll also write out a checklist for you new mamas. Keep in mind your diaper bag components will change as your child gets older.   What’s in my bag now will be reflective of Lily being a year and a half, but I will include most of what we had when she was a newborn, too!

There is A LOT on this list, so it’s important you decide what products are best for you and your baby. I am always under the impression you should start by over-packing and eliminate from there!

what to put in a diaper bag

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The Imperfectionist Mom Fully Loaded Diaper Bag Checklist (click on items to shop my favorites)

Diapers, duh!
Rash cream
Baby wipes
Face and hand wipes
Toy/Highchair wipes
Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes
Nursing pads
Disposable changing pads
Disposable diaper bags
First Aid kit
Burb cloth
Cloth Bib
Pacifier case
Toys or stuffed animals
Nail clippers & a file
Nursing cover that can double as car seat cover
Change of clothes for baby
-Change of shirt for mommy in case baby spits up
Sun hat or winter hat
Sling or wrap for babywearing
Badger Baby Balm or another healing ointment
Sunscreen Stick

-bottle of milk/formula if you’ll be gone long
-Mom’s Glasses/Sunglasses
-Baby’s birth certificate
-Baby’s insurance card

Additional Items For Babies & Toddlers 6 months +

Bug spray in the spring & summer months
Spoon in a case or ziplock bag
Babyfood packets
Sippy Cup
Highchair floor mat
Silicon placemat or disposable placemat
Silicon Bib
Teething Crackers/Snacks
-iPad or tablet for longer outings


You can download & print my checklist to keep it handy HERE


Is there anything you think I’m missing?  What are your MUST HAVE diaper bag items?  Let me know in the comments below!


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