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It’s true!  We are expecting our second child!  Trying this time around was A LOT different than the first time around.  Andy and I knew we wanted to have our children about two years apart, so it was time to jump back in the saddle!  Our midwives advised that women should space 15 months between pregnancies (other sources recommend spacing between 12-18 months) and we were just after the 15-month mark.  We also wanted to wait until we knew the baby would be born after football season, so I didn’t go into labor during a playoff game AGAIN.  I counted 40 weeks from the day we were going to start trying and it fell 2 weeks after the Super Bowl.  In the clear, right?  Plus…I wouldn’t get pregnant on the first try anyway, right?   WRONG.  First of all, I forgot to count 40 weeks from the day of my last period NOT the day of conception.  Second, we did get it right on the first try!  So now I have a baby due the day after the Super Bowl!  And we know how those second babies usually like to come a little early.  I really need to work on my pregnancy timing skills, you guys.


Anyway, now that we are past the first trimester, I am excited to share this journey with you.  I will be able to re-live a lot of things, making it easier for me to give updated advice and updated experiences.  I’m excited to compare the two pregnancies and what has changed emotionally and physically!  Stay tuned for my weekly diaries chronicling this second pregnancy!


Just a note:  As a woman who has experienced a miscarriage and who fell on the “infertility spectrum” the first time around, I am very sensitive to women reading this who are struggling to conceive or carry to term.  I wish there was a way to celebrate respectfully but it is hard to find a balance between excitement and sensitivity.  Please know that I have walked in your shoes & I have so much love for you and your journey.  I also totally understand if these posts are too difficult for you to read.  You are in my thoughts.


Thank you for all of the love and support!






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