Our Pregnancy Announcement

After finding out we were pregnant with Lily, we made a big “to-do” about how to tell all of our family members. We made them cards and special mugs that said “grandma” “grandpa” “auntie” etc.  It was so fun to have the pregnancy commemorated with something physical our family members could have forever.  This time, we didn’t make as big of a deal about the pregnancy.  We did tell all of our family before we announced it on Instagram, but I was left feeling like I needed to do something more special.  A company named Basic Invite had reached out to me about collaborating on something fun and I knew it was the PERFECT opportunity to create something special for our family. I decided to create a real pregnancy announcement that our family not only could physically open but was actually nice enough to frame!  I picked 2 different photos and turned them into 2 different announcements so we could have some variety.

The website was super easy to navigate, I just picked two of their unique birth announcement templates and started customizing them.  It was especially easy because they have almost unlimited colors, so you can change the color (from a choice of 180 different shades) of whatever part of the invite you want and preview it instantly!  Then, you can order a custom printed sample of your invite/announcement/holiday card and have it mailed to you so you know EXACTLY how your order will look before you place it.  I so wish I had this option for my wedding invite because when our order came in they all had a misspelling on them!! It was terrible.   ‘

After you approve your printed sample, you can pick from over 40 different envelope colors!  I chose to stick with white for our pregnancy announcement but did the most adorable little insert so it says “baby boy” in blue when you open the envelope AND they’re all peel and seal envelopes, no licking!  Then it was time for address printing.  Every Christmas I cringe thinking about texting all of my family and friends for their updated addresses, not to mention when we had to ask all 400 of our wedding guests for theirs.  Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows you to share a link on any of your social media platforms to request addresses!  They all get automatically stored in your account, then you just select them while you’re finishing up your order.  Plus, since so Christmas will be here before we know it, you can get FREE recipient address on all of their Christmas Cards.  I love not having to write all of the addresses on the envelope after the fact because I have the WORST handwriting.  Printed addresses make everything look so much cleaner.  Basic Invite also offers beautiful foil cards in gold, silver and even ROSE gold in either flat or raised writing which are perfect for wedding invites or Christmas cards.

I know I have a ton of expecting mama readers, so if you’d like your own pregnancy announcement or announce the birth of your baby you’re in luck!  Basic Invite is offering you 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51.  Be sure to check out their beautiful luxury birth announcements and photo Christmas cards while you’re there!



You can also check out all of their goodies on social media @basicinvite!  Let me know if you decide to order, I can’t wait to see!

This post was sponsored by Basic Invite

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