Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks

I’m a week into my third trimester and I’m still in disbelief of how fast the time is moving.  I obviously didn’t have nearly as much going on during my pregnancy with Lily because 9 months REALLY felt like 9 months.

pregnancy tea

Sipping on Yogi’s Mother To Be Tea. Image by Shelby Gordon


Last week I shared with you that I’ve been slacking when it comes to getting ready for this baby, but one thing I am on top of is caring for myself (the best I can) during pregnancy. Last time I found a couple of products I liked and this time I’m adding onto that and experimenting with new supplements, foods, clothes, and products.  This week seemed like a perfect time to share a couple of my “pregnancy must haves”!  You can click directly on the names of the products or on the photos at the bottom to shop!


A Few of my Pregnancy Must-Haves

  1. Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter.   I never got stretch marks on my belly while pregnant with Lily and my belly was REALLY big.  I’ve read over and over again that it is all genetics but if there is something out there that might help even a tiny bit,  why not try it- plus, it feels heavenly!
  2. Bao Bei Maternity Maternity Support Band  My chiropractor told me about these the last time I was pregnant… I used a pregnancy support belt with my last pregnancy and I never felt like it did anything.   I like this model so much better because it helps keep you tucked in and makes you feel supported.  I wear this every time I do a lifting workout or when I go for long walks.  I feel like my ligaments don’t get as irritated when I’m wearing it!  Just an FYI these are totally safe so don’t worry that you’re going to squish your little one!
  3. Beyond Yoga Spacedye Maternity Tank I’m OBSESSED with these workout tanks, you guys.  They are pretty much the only workout tops I wear during pregnancy.  They are tight enough and supportive enough to not wear another bra with which is wonderful when your boobs are sore.  They keep your belly supported in the best way and come in great neutral colors.
  4. Lulu Lemon Align Pant I just found out about these this pregnancy and I loveeee them.  Okay, so they’re not specifically for pregnancy but isn’t that even better? The material is so soft and stretchy you can wear them during and after pregnancy.  They stay up without needing to shimmy them up or yank at the crotch all day like most of the other over-the-bump maternity pants!  My only complaint is that they typically only reach about halfway up your bump, so if you’re wearing a tight maternity shirt you’ll be able to see the line across your belly…BUT you can just tuck them down under your belly and they’ll still stay up fine.
  5.  Yogi Mother To Be Tea Pregnancy teas have a ton of benefits including calming your digestive system, toning your uterus, and preparing your body for childbirth.  Some even say that drinking pregnancy tea regularly can help you have a shorter labor.  I’ve tried several different teas and I don’t really like one more than the other but this one is available at Whole Foods so it makes it easy for me to just grab.  Pregnancy tea is widely accepted as safe but because I am always extra cautious, I wait until this second trimester to start drinking it.  I like the taste of this one a lot!
  6. True Botanicals Skincare  When I’m pregnant & nursing (which has been the last three years) I switch all of my skincare and makeup to non-toxic formulas.  There are a ton of chemicals in skincare and most everything we put in or on our bodies has the potential to affect our growing babies.  True Botanicals has a line of specifically pregnancy safe formulations that are all natural, effective and minimalist. Nothing better than not having to worry about what you’re using!
  7. Eberjey Gisele PJ Set  I originally got these as a Christmas gift when I wasn’t pregnant but they were a size up from what I usually wear.  I realized this time that they fit great over my bump!  I’m not sure if they’ll still cover me through month 9 but right now I am living in them!  Like I said, I recommend going a size up & no worries, they’ll still fit when you aren’t pregnant.. they’ll just be a little oversized.
  8. Mykind Prenatal One A Day  I have been loyal to these prenatal vitamins for quite a while.  I love that they use high-quality ingredients,  are only one per day and they’re available at Whole Foods.  I can take these on an empty stomach and even during my worst nausea they were easy to stomach!
  9. Swell Water Bottle  I drink a TON of water even when I’m not pregnant but it is especially important now that I’m pregnant and nursing.  I feel like I can never get enough!  I love that this keeps my water cold and still looks cool.  My only complaint is that they aren’t dishwasher safe but because I only use them for water they aren’t terribly hard to clean!  Get that water in, mama.
  10. Maty’s Cough Syrup  Maty’s just sent me some products to try out and I am already OBSESSED.  As you probably can tell by the things I write about, I am really careful about what I put in my body while I’m pregnant.  That means no medication if I’m sick.  This cough syrup isn’t medicine but its a genius blend of whole food ingredients that natural remedy colds & boost your immune system.  I put some in my pregnancy tea during cold system to fight colds off before they start! They also have a ton of children’s products that are perfect for our little ones!
Maty's cough syrup

Image by Shelby Gordon


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