Pregnancy Diary: 29 Weeks

WOW.  I’m officially in the 30s now.  That means 10 weeks until my due date.  If these last two months go as fast as the others this baby is going to be here before we know it.  I’m feeling the nesting bug but I’m not sure if that is because we’re getting very close or because all of the sales were on this week and it was time to buy all the baby stuff!  I’m feeling a little more prepared with all of the “stuff” but I can’t say the same for my mental state, ha.  Every couple of days I’m saying to Andy “we are going to have TWO children in 10 weeks.”  As if I wasn’t overwhelmed enough with one!

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Photo by Shelby Gordon

Some exciting news from this week: I passed my glucose tolerance test (the test to tell you if you may have Gestational Diabetes)!!! I was seriously so excited when I got the results I can’t even tell you.  I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which puts me at a slightly higher risk of diabetic-like symptoms so I am so excited that I have been gestational diabetes-free during both of my pregnancies.  I read a couple of things online before the test about “how to pass.”  Everyone has different opinions… don’t eat anything that morning, or eat a low sugar meal for breakfast or eat low sugar for a week before or even eating high carbs for 3 days prior.  At the end of the day, though, I don’t want to “fool” a test that could tell me if I have a serious condition that could affect the health of me and my baby.  Baby’s born to mother’s with Gestational Diabetes have higher risks of being premature and very large.   I wanted the test to tell me what was really going on based on the diet I usually eat.  I followed my doctor’s advice and ate like I normally would leading up to the test and fasted in the morning (because my test was at 9 am).  For those of you who have never done the glucose tolerance test, sometime before 30 weeks your doctor will give you a nasty tasting sugary drink that you have to drink within 5 minutes.  An hour after you finish the drink you will have your blood drawn to check how your body reacts to the glucose.  After that hour, you can go along your business as usual (I would recommend bringing a healthy snack with you to the doctor’s office because you feel a little weird after drinking all that sugar).  My results came back a few days later saying that I did not have Gestational Diabetes, but I am slightly anemic.  All in all, good news!  Anemia can be treated pretty easily with diet changes and supplementation.  I usually take a liquid iron supplement called Floradix but I have been a little lazy about it lately.


If you have any questions about the glucose tolerance test please feel free to ask me!  My biggest recommendation is to eat as well as you can, limit the sugar & try not to gain more weight than your body needs.


I’m thinking about doing a post about all of the baby gear I purchased during Black Friday/Cyber Monday so stay tuned! Can’t wait to try all the new stuff out & let you know how I like it!




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