Pregnancy Diary: 31 Weeks

Hi again, mommies! Thanks for coming back week after week to follow me along this crazy journey.  These days all the weeks blend together so writing my diaries has been getting more and more challenging, BUT I think it’s really nice to keep track of what’s going on every week so other mamas know what to expect!


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This week instead of focusing on a topic, I just want to give a general overview of what’s happening this far along in my pregnancy.  I had an appointment this past week with my OBGYN.  We’re at every other week visits right now and I believe after the next 2, I start to go weekly until he’s born.  I am LOVING my new OB.  After switching to a midwife practice with my first pregnancy, I was convinced that all OB’s are medicine pushers but I’m so relieved to know that is not the case.  He is so supportive of whatever I want to do but gives me really good information and helps guide me when needed.  At this point, he doesn’t feel the need to do any more ultrasounds (unless something unusual happens).  If you’ve been following along, I’ve chosen to do limited ultrasounds this pregnancy because I’ve read some research suggesting that they may have adverse effects on babies.  So, we will still do a quick doppler at each appointment (yes, I know the doppler uses ultrasound waves) to check his heartbeat but that will be it.  Something unique we addressed at this last appointment was Bacterial Vaginosis.  It’s a bacterial infection of the vagina.  It’s common in women who have just taken antibiotics & I happened to get it after I had my D&C (for retained placenta) after Lily was born. I haven’t had any symptoms since I treated it way back when BUT having it while pregnant can lead to premature labor and it doesn’t always show symptoms.  I had my OB do a swab to check it out just in case and luckily it was negative!  If you’ve had BV before it’s a good idea to get yourself checked when you’re pregnant to be safe.


I’m starting to feel pretty big!  I’m still not at “get this baby out of me” stage but I am getting more uncomfortable. Surprisingly, I’m still sleeping well but when I wake up and have to turn over it can be a real process.  I never ended up busting out my old pregnancy pillow.  I tried for one night and decided I preferred to just have a king size pillow between my legs.  I really liked my pregnancy pillow last time but it was so hard to move around and roll side to side with it.   I just got a new pillow called the Smilo Monarch and I’ve been liking it a lot!  It’s supposed to be great for breastfeeding as well.  I pee a lot but not to a point where it’s too annoying.  The little man is still kicking A TON and very hard, much harder than Lily did at this point.  Of course, it’s always exciting but it’s wild how much it hurts, like, it actually hurts my skin!  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that!  Occasionally he will punch or kick so hard that I make an audible gasp even if I’m in public!


I’m still working out 5 days a week and I actually feel better on the days that I do work out. My workouts are still pretty intense and for the most part, I’ve felt fine doing them!  I have to manipulate my spin bike’s seat and handles a bit for my bump and obviously, I’m not doing the same core work as before, but I for sure feel stronger than I did last pregnancy.  I’ve still gained more weight at this stage than I did with Lily, but I really do feel so much more in shape.  I’ve said to you mamas before, weight isn’t everything.  I still really believe that some women just gain more weight than others because I am working out a ton and eating pretty darn well and I’m still gaining quite a bit.  I have maintained eating 6-8 cups of leafy greens a day and unlike last pregnancy, I am NOT eating ice cream every night ha!  I still have my indulgences and I really love sweets while I’m pregnant but I try to concentrate on what I’m eating and how it’s affecting my baby and that helps me stay on track most of the time.


I’m not swelling a ton yet, usually only if I’ve worn high heels or walked in uncomfortable shoes for a long time.  I’ve been using Natural Calm magnesium powder to fend off any leg cramps that usually come along at this stage.  My skin is breaking out again but it’s not nearly as bad as it was with Lily.  I had the WORST chest acne with her and this time it went away after the first trimester.  My hair has been growing quickly which is nice but my nails are still not as strong as I would like them to be!  I didn’t get any stretch marks last time and for now, I don’t see any forming. Feeling super lucky for that! But, I’ve been told that they usually show up after you give birth, so we’ll see!  My pubic bone is starting to get pretty sore as it continues to separate and my round ligaments and obliques are still pretty painful.  My pelvic floor PT just told me to rub them in circular motions to try to release them & my chiropractor works on them each week.


Are any of you mommies around the same stage?  Are you feeling the same things?  I really am just doing the best I can to enjoy these moments just in case this is my last time getting pregnant (who knows what is to come!).   I’m getting really excited and really nervous to introduce Lily to this little brother she keeps asking about!  See ya next week!


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