The Only Baby Socks You Need

I know what you’re thinking… “There is no way she found a pair of socks that will stay on my baby’s feet.”  Well, put your helmet on mama, because I’m about to blow your mind.  If you follow me along on Instagram you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the company Barefoot Dreams.  They make the super fuzzy, comfy and chic leopard blankets.   I’ve always been obsessed with leopard so as soon as I saw those blankets I knew I need to have one…or 5 🙂  Last Christmas I was also gifted with a robe of theirs that is basically a wearable leopard blanket.  Swoon.
Okay, so now to the part you actually care about.  I saw in one of Barefoot Dreams’ promotional emails that they have baby clothes & toys.  So, I added some of the stuff onto a gift registry for our family before Lily was born.   My mother-in-law bought her this adorable little bear, a pink leopard receiving blanket & 3-pack of pink socks.  At the beginning, I forgot about the socks and kept using the cheap white ones I had bought.  The other socks were falling off ALL THE TIME.  I remember when I took Lily to the Super Bowl at 3 weeks old, I had her in a Baby K’tan wrap and her little feet were hanging out of the bottom.   Before I even got into the dome a security guard stopped me and to let me know that my baby was missing a sock.  REALLY?!  Of course, not to panic, you know I had an extra pair in my regulation 12×12 clear diaper bag.


Barefoot Dreams Baby Socks

Photo By Bryce France


So, fed up with the other socks, I remembered I had some of the Barefoot Dreams ones in her drawer.  I put them on in the morning and wouldn’t you know 12 pm: still on…3 pm: still on…7 pm: STILL ON, PEOPLE!  I didn’t see her little feet other than during tummy time and bath time for a while!   Not only are these socks great at staying on all day but they aren’t too tight & they have none of that tight exposed elastic that digs into the skin.   They are also THE SOFTEST socks ever, you guys!  I even bought myself a pair (or three) in the adult size!   She honestly didn’t start pulling them off herself until she was at least 7 months.  I think it was because the socks didn’t have the tight elastic, so they didn’t bother her as much as normal baby socks.   I’m not the only one who has loved these for their babes, we have gifted them to most of our expecting friends & they’re all obsessed.

Around 6 months, when Lily was at her chunkiest, I noticed they were starting to dig a little bit around her ankles at night.  I just folded them down a bit and that solved the problem.  Now at 16 months, she is still wearing them and they were the only types of socks we had for a long time.  I think she’s probably got another couple of months wearing these & then it will be time to find another brand.  No, Barefoot Dreams doesn’t have toddler socks (cue mom tears).  I will let you know what I find on my hunt for ‘The Only Toddler Socks You’ll Ever Need.’


You can shop the socks below.  You can also go to  They come in sets of 3 in blue, pink or grey!  Let me know if you’ve found any baby or toddler socks you love!  P.S.  I am not being paid or gifted by Barefoot Dreams, I genuinely love these socks this much!


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